Evelyn Ramirez: Badging Update (12-01-15)

IMG_0605.JPGIm extremely excited to say this will be my last day of work along with Oksana. After weeks of hard work we are finally arriving to the last day of work. I had an extraodinary time here and I have absolutely no regrets joining it. I was able to meet a number of amazing people and I hope to still see them around. However today we were able to complete a number of task. I myself made a number of catnip toys and other cat toys. This was different though because we were put in a whole new place. We usually work in a room besides the auditorium however we were moved to the hallway. We had two volunteers come in today, one being Symone who was also in the program.

Badging Update: Oksana Sokhan (11/24/2015)


Hello Again!
Today we had two new visitors from Walter Payton High School. Betty, Symone, Evelyn and I showed them how to create some of our DIY toys. They made a dog bed and a few cat satchets. Bryan, a returning volunteer, helped us prep materials for the next Drop-In Day.

For more service learning hour opportunities, click on this link to see upcoming events at The Anti-Cruelty Society.

We are also excited for the end-of-the-program party on December 9. Time flies by fast when you are having fun!

Until next week, have a warm Thanksgiving!




Word of mouth is the best way to spread an event that is going on. By telling my friend Bryan to come to the Teen Drop In Day we finally had someone to listen to what we do here at The Anti Cruelty Society. Oksana, Symone, Aqeelah, and Evelyn all spoke to him about what we do here at the Society. The way we award badges, how we give service learning hours, the manner in which we put up blogs, and how we get to play with dogs. Bryan enjoyed listening to all this and then we were awarded time with the new lab mix puppies! These chunky monkeys were extremely sweet and Bryan saw the benefits we get firsthand. We are seeing the end coming too soon and are extremely grateful for the experience we have had here.

Beatriz Quiroz

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Teens Dropped by!

Yayy! we got teen drop ins and little different visitors today it was so much fun!!

Two freshmen’s from Walter Payton stopped by today and helped make a dog bed they were super cool and chill. And they were also interested in joining the Explore the Link program which is super cool because honestly the more the better.

Dog Bed

Dog Bed






After the girls left we got two visitors to drop in. We got a girl to drop by with her guardian and make some cat sachets for the little kitties.

Cat Sachets

Cat Sachets






Lastly we got to see some pups and their mom again. OMG the pups got so big they don’t even look like puppies any more, it’s crazy.

Momma Sable

Momma Sable

Evelyn Ramirez: Badging Update

IMG_0159Im super enthusiastic to say that we had a number of people drop in today. Two girl came in who came from Payton High School. They seemed very intelligent and worked extremely hard to make some supplies for the program. If you’re interested in taking part of the Teen-Drop in day program you should definably check it out.

The anti-cruelty also runs a number of other programs so if you’re interested in any type of way check out their website. Hopefully well have a few more volunteers next week. Today is also Betty’s last day at work so were down to only Oksana, Symone, and me!

Puppy Day!

Today we had so much fun! We got to play with so many puppies and not just play but teach some social skills.


But first we got many things done like making buttons, creating drop-in prep material, and making other DIY toys for the pets. We got a drop-in teen, Brian, he was super cool and helped out a lot.


Then we got to play and socialize with some pups. We laid with them, gave them treats, and even got to see the mom. She looks really good to have had a litter of nine!

But in all today was really cool and it sucks that the program ending.

Badging Update (11/17/2015): Oksana Sokhan

IMG_7035Hello Again!

Despite the gray weather outside, we made the Drop-In Day full of sunshine! Today Symone and I came in early, and we were treated to a puppy circle with the labs again. Once Betty, Evelyn, and Aqeelah arrived, we got to work.

We completed a list of tasks that Sarah put together for us. Making buttons, prepping the DIY materials, and completing our time sheets were just a few of the many accomplishments of the day. Betty brought in a volunteer, Brian, who helped us out with the list.

If you would like to adopt your own puppy, or earn service learning hours, make sure to visit The Anti-Cruelty Society website at http://anticruelty.org/.

Evelyn Ramirez: 11-26-15 Badging Update

Today was a blast we were able to make a bunch of pins for volunteers today. We made TWO boxes but it felt like nothing because we all worked together. Aqeelah actually came in today as well even though she’s no longer employed. We were able to hang out with a bunch of puppies as well. I held a total of three puppies today and it was amazing these puppies are only a few weeks old. Not only did we work hard but we were also rewarded for it.

We’ve been very lonely the past weeks however Betty’s friend Bryan came in today and helped us out. He’s a really cool guy and I hope next week well have more volunteers. If you’re interested and would like to receive some service learning hours come to the Teen-Drop off day every tuesday at the Anti- Cruelty Society. Not only that but it will also look great on college applications since you receive badges. Please come in next week it’ll be a blast because we bring in puppies!! If you have any questions feel free and email or call us! Until next time BYEE


Badging Update (11/10/15) Oksana Sokhan

Although we were not successful in reeling in any new volunteers today, Aqeelah, Symone, Evelyn, and I made a few colorful dog tugs. For instructions on how to make cute DIY toys like these, visit this website or stop in next Tuesday between 4:30 and 6:30pm for a live demonstration.

IMG_6997In addition, Sarah was kind enough to bring in a few puppies to liven up the atmosphere after we finished up. Here is one to the left!

If you are looking for a new companion, make sure to visit the Anti-Cruelty Society shelter to find a possible match.

Have a wonderful veterans day tomorrow!

Aqeelah Malone Badging Update (11-10-15)

IMG_9902Today is my last day here at The Anti-Cruelty Society (insert crying face here). Even though I will no longer be here Oksana, Symone, Evelyn and Betty will still be around until December so you can still come in and hang out with them!  Sadly, Betty could not make it today and so she missed out on getting to play with two very adorable Rottweiler mix puppies. One of which you can see Symone holding in the picture on the left. Don’t forget as always to come in on Tuesdays and make some of the many fun DIY donations that we have to offer! Until next time I guess.